Adventure game called escape room

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The escape room was one of the most interesting games played by people all over the world by interacting with each other with the surroundings by using certain elements, solving puzzles, hidden words, deadlines, and clues in the object or room. Video games are the father of this type of adventure game created by using the virtual reality object by touching on-screen objects. When I was a kid, I played this game in asingapore escape room and that too I played with my cousin brothers which are very interesting.

The origin of the escape room was in 2007 by a Japanese company named SCARP. The first started with a puzzle in a room with hidden riddles and a camera to watch their behaviour for a certain time. They just spotted with paper and camera recordings in that game to find out the winner. Later it becomes a trend and all the countries with a high level of adventure and scary things for a horror effect. Even many escape rooms are banned by the government because that creates the scarier effect on people who played that game. Then some rules and conditions as defined by the government for the company that is creating this platform. If the case of any objections in the rules occurs, then the government will ban the company, that they cannot involve in any other type of creation.

singapore escape room

There are different types of mission in this escape room game because they are varied by two different groups named

  • Children escape room
  • Adults escape room

These two rooms have major variations because they both are played by different ages of people.

Children escape room

In this room, children along with parents of ages 5 – 60 is allowed. So here they will design the room with things based on child interest like a spaceship, adventures as animal sculptures of dinosaurs, lion, elephant, etc… here scary parts of the adult-oriented sculptures are not allowed.

Adults escape room 

In this room, only adults are allowed to participate in age 18 – 60 can be in the game. Here the design of the game is slightly varied based on the interest of the adults like horror and adventures are involved. This should be highly interacting with the people who play that game. In that game, there should be a mission in that room and that player should complete the task, and then only they can move to the next room. They need some necessary skills to play that game like a team player, puzzle-solving technique, creativity, patience, timekeeping, etc…. The players who play the escape room game is given a guide; they are instructed to follow the guide else they will in out of the game. There will be many hidden cameras in the room to see the player’s visuals because there should not occur any error in the room. In some countries like INDIA, the escape rooms are played by celebrity people in the country or state and some popular media company is doing live telecasting that game show it is called a reality show. That’s huge trending in the world level because people all over the world can see the real behaviour of that particular celebrity. Hence this game has a special place in people heart.