Baja California mini guide for You

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The Baja California is the second longest peninsula on earth and covers about 1200 km offering deserts, wonderful coasts overlooking the Pacific to the west and the Sea of ​​Cortez to the east and rocky coves, traversable from north to south, from Tijuana to San Jose del Cabo, along the Carpenter Transpeninsular between wonderful landscapes and memorable views. Make a visit to How to Have the Perfect Vacation in Cabo for the best result there. How to Have the Perfect Vacation in Cabo

When to Go

For Baja California, there is no real peak season. It is possible to make a tour at any time of the year, taking into consideration, however, that each season has its particularities and that between north and south there are inevitably climatic differences in any season. The south is drier and warmer, especially in the summer months of July and August with peaks that even reach 40 degrees but are often mitigated by winds from the ocean for coastal areas. The best period, from the climatic point of view, especially in the south, goes approximately from October to March / April

An excellent reason to come to Baja California in Winter (in addition to the pleasant climate and temperatures that are unlikely to drop below 20°), is represented by the possibility of spotting whales migrating in the waters off Cabo San Lucas between December / January and April

Country Information:

Unod he federal states belonging to Mexico located in the homonymous peninsula located north of the country

Capital of the state of Baja California: Mexicali

Time zone: – 7h compared to Italy

Documents and Visas:

Passport:  necessary, with residual validity of at least six months upon entering the country.

Visa: not necessary, for tourism up to 90 days of stay in the country

Upon arrival in the country, the tourist must complete a form available at the local Authorities, the main airports, and the various airlines. It is also necessary to pay an airport tax, normally included in the cost of the air ticket issued in Italy, which is identified by the initials “UK.” In case the fee was not included in the ticket, you must pay it when leaving the country.

Coin and Changes:

Currency: Mexican Peso (MXN)

The official currency is the Mexican peso

For on-site payment, it is advisable to bring in small change and American dollars, which is still more widely accepted with respect to the euro and more easily sold. The currency can be exchanged in banks or exchange offices.

Payment with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard / Eurocard Amex) are accepted in most hotels or restaurants and shops in major cities

Health Situation:

No vaccination and / or prophylaxis required. High protection sunscreens and sunglasses with good filters are recommended. The Baja California is sunny, surrounded by the sea and reverberation offered by the white sand of the desert and the beaches and by the sea, very strong.

To avoid gas / intestinal problems, it is suggested to:

Drink mineral water and sealed drinks, without adding ice or, before drinking running water, boil it especially in extra-urban areas;

Make use of food (meat, fish, and vegetables) only if well cooked and eat only fruit without the peel.