Computer network and their types

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A crew of two or more supercomputers is connected together is called a supercomputer network. we can share files and resources through the computer network. Moreover, we can communicate with others who are using the same network. The empresas informatica  produces computers and their internal parts. The Empresas Informatica is also called computer companies. These computer companies generate new types of computer technologies.

Types of computer network 

A computer network can be classified into 4. These categories are

  • LAN
  • MAN
  • WAN
  • PAN

LAN (local area network)

A group of computers is connected in a small area is called LAN (local area network). through LAN you will be able to connect the computer’s in a particular area such as an apartment, office, etc.LAN is used to connect through a communication medium like a twisted pair, cable, coaxial, etc. It is not only less costly but also high in safety.

empresas informatica

PAN (personal area network)

It is arranged within a person. A person uses this for his personal use. Thomas Zimmerman was the one who brings the idea of personal area network. you connect the network within 10 meters or 30 feet. Through personal area networks, we connect laptops, mobile phones, media players, etc. The personal area network was divided into 2. They are,

  • Wireless personal area network: it is used by wireless technologies like

Wi-fi and Bluetooth. These networks are low-range networks.

  • Wired personal area network: this personal area network is created by using The USB

Examples for PAN are offline networks and small home offices.

MAN (metropolitan area network)

It covers a large geographic region by interconnecting a different LAN. it forms a larger network. Different LANs are connected to make the MAN network through a telephone exchange line. The government uses this to connect the people and private companies. Most used protocols are RS-232,Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, OC-3,ADSL,etc.MAN is used between the banks. it is also utilized by an airline reservation. it is practiced by the military for communication. Colleges also use this.

WAN (wide area network)

A wide area network is extended over a large geographical province like states or countries. It is the biggest networking area. The internet is an important example for a wide area network. it is used for government, business, and education purposes.

Examples are mobile broadband, last mile, private network

Merits :

This made people do global business which makes them earn helps you to share the files easily. Over the WAN network, we can stake our computer software and other possessions like a hard drive, RAM. The WAN network helps us to message where ever we want. The apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and skype help us to communicate with many people and to expand our friend circle. Within a second programmers can get the updated files.

Demerits :

Data on the internet can be easily hacked by hackers and can be misused. For this, we can use the firewall. our system can be injected by the virus .at that time the computer will need an anti-virus. The WAN network covers a large area so fixing the problem is difficult here.