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Soccer is definitely one of the most popular and followed team sports in the world, as today it is practiced and appreciated in almost all continents.

It is difficult to establish the origins of such a beautiful and successful game, but apart from the historical process, on which some doubts remain, modern Soccer as we know it today, was born in England in the nineteenth century and rapidly developed in Europe and in South America where in a few decades it becomes very popular and followed. You can now grab the arsenal bournemouth football tickets very easily.

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Although in our country for a long time it is not recognized as the national sport, it conquers an increasingly large and numerous public, especially in Northern Italy and, later, also in the central south, mainly in the 1920s. The reasons for the success and popularity of this sport are truly manifold. The most immediate is its simplicity, which makes it practicable on any surface, and which ensures that those who practice it need very little, both as personal equipment and to carry out a real game.

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Throughout Soccer history, there have been, and there are several teams that have gained unprecedented popularity. In this article, we turn our attention exclusively to club teams, although the media pressure imposes as a unique speech that of the 2018 World Cup in Russia just begun. The World Cup, known as the main sporting event associated with Soccer, is played every 4 years in a different place.

However, despite the media popularity of an event of this magnitude, it must be remembered that the largest number of followers are for club teams that have fans all over the world and who passionately follow their favorite team almost 12 months a year. For this reason, we have decided to draw up our personal list of the most popular teams in the world, focusing on Europe specifically, for the fact that it is unanimously recognized as the home of modern and contemporary Soccer.

The Real Madrid was founded in 1902 in the city of Madrid, although only around 1920 took that name, given that at birth the club was called Madrid Club de FĂștbol. Known as Los Blancos (or even Los  Merengues ) because of the color of its uniform, Real Madrid is the most titled team in Spain and Europe, considering both national and international trophies. In fact, his palmares include 33 Spanish titles, 19 King’s cups, and 10 La Liga cups. The international trophies, on the other hand, see the conquest of as many as 13 Champions League, 2 Europa League, 4 UEFA Super Cups, and 3 Intercontinental Cups.

Some of the strongest players in the world have worn the Los Blancos jersey, including many Italian champions such as Fabio Cannavaro or Christian Panucci. In recent times, the name of Real Madrid has been associated with players like Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Marcelo, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid, in the collective imagination, has become a sort of team composed of all-star champions, with a sparkling, engaging and above all winning game, which in Europe is unparalleled.