Finer Details for the Best vests

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Sewing a vest is more difficult than a jacket. With an individual order, you must choose high-quality materials, be sure to come to try on, even if you pay a lot of money for all this. For a modern man, all this is in power. Moreover, this is what real men want. Individuality is what catches men the most. You can choose the gilet de costume also.

Some things themselves do not belong to a certain style, but combining them with other details of clothing, the image changes dramatically. Such a magical property has a male vest. A variety of styles and materials will allow each girl to look like in the photo from the cover of a fashion magazine.

The right clothes: the perfect figure

Individually selected vests emphasize the feminine virtues, and then to choose what to wear with is not difficult.

gilet de costume

Some tricks will help to avoid mistakes when buying:

Broad-shouldered boys fit the elongated version with narrow lapels. If you want to visually make the upper body wider, you should pay attention to models with shoulder pads or decorative overlays. The figure can be emphasized with a fitted cut. Sometimes there is a belt at the back that corrects the fit of the vest. To demonstrate the swan neck and to emphasize the chest will help a deep neckline oval or V-shaped.

Visually reduce the volume of the hips with an elongated vest. It should be above or below the widest area of ​​the hips, and better to the knee.

Fat boys should not wear models with long fur, large knit or bright print, as well as actively decorated at the bottom.

Short men do not fit a long vest. It is better to stay on models just above the hip or shortened. The denim version to the waist looks very stylish.

White things go better with similarly colored or contrasting blacks. A delicate mood will be created by a white sleeveless jacket with a deep neckline over a dress, jeans or skirts.

When choosing a vest, you need to pay attention so that wrinkles do not form on the back. It should be fastened from the first to the last button without much effort. This shows the correspondence of the model to the type of figure of the girl.

Insulated models

With the onset of cold weather, boys think about what to wear a fur vest with. It is important to observe moderation in color and volume. If the model has long fur and visually plumps, it is better to choose tight-fitting clothes. Not knowing what to wear with a bright jumper, it is worth remembering about a white vest. This is a universal compliment to any image. Fur outfit is worn on a thin turtleneck or knitted blouse with tight-fitting trousers, leggings, and jeans.

If the figure allows, you can wear a sweater or a leather jacket under it. The options are interesting when the vest is used as a coat, the images in the photo of the actress and model. Possible combinations with a pencil skirt to the knee or half sun flared to the middle of the thigh. A romantic look is created by contrasting combinations of fur over a chiffon or lace dress.