For The Movie Maniacs

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Remember how many times you have watched your favourite Movie? You may have lost the count by now! What exactly is the scenario with most of us? What better name does entertainment have than MOVIES! Movies contribute to form the backbone of the entertainment industry. And why not? A universe of emotions compressed in a recording of a few minutes is worth watching. 123Movies  to help you with unlimited better quality of film videos for FREE as Claimed. INTERESTED? Let’s give you an insider of what 123Movies is all about.


123Movies  is a website that allows the interested viewers to watch movies for free. One can download a film or watch it online with an internet connection. As reported by the Motion Pictures Association of America, the website is the most visited entertainment site. More than 50 million people visited the site to feed their purpose of entertainment.




The Illegal Affair


But ever wondered WHAT exactly made the government of so many countries BAN such a popular website? So here you go with the disclosure. Filmmaking is an ART which needs the involvement of many creative minds for proper onscreen execution. Each one of them deserves to be paid the best for their work. PIRACY restricts the same! 123Movies was one of those websites that promised free downloading of the TV Films. ILLEGAL OF COURSE! One can name it PIRACY or theft of art that deserves to be paid the workers.


Current Status:

After proper investigation, the Motion Pictures Association of America came up another unknown fact. The 123Movies was a website designed and operated from VIETNAM. The website streamed movies that were otherwise impossible to watch online because of the various CYBERLOCKS! Violation of a Legal Act appeared under the books of CRIMINAL OFFENCE! Stopping the website from streaming any further. Countries like America and the UNITED KINGDOM decided to take serious steps for the same. Ended up with BANNING the website 123Movies. We, the citizen also have RESPONSIBLE role plays in the same. Encouragement of streaming and watching PIRATED movies should be stopped. On your part, you may stop visiting different websites and software that allows streaming FREE MOVIES without proper registration and documentation under the LAW.


123Movies was a website that may have been started with a clear AIM to serve entertainment. On proper streaming, the website was functioning its purpose well. But turns out the AIM was Illegal. Streaming free movies both online and offline to the world crowd without proper registration under MOTION PICTURES Association  is against the LAW. PIRACY is synonymous to theft of well deserved art that serves the purpose of pleasure to the global crowd.

There are a number of similar websites serving the same purpose of Free Entertainment. Viewers presence on the website encourages the site holder to carry on such process with ease. Though the Government of countries across the Globe are taking step in BANNING  such websites. The viewers should feel responsible too in stopping the same act.