How to explore the Italian history and fashion?

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Travelling is one of the best experiences which all people want to have in their lifetime and when people travel to an Italian country all they wish to explore new things. The most common thing about traveling to Italian city is people can discover the city in different views which includes city history, fashion and architecture. So people who wish to explore history and fashion together taking a tour to Milan is the best choice in addition if the tour is available for free it makes great pleasure to people. Many can think how a trip or tour can be done for free? But it is possible in free walking tour Milan .  The free Milan walking tour is not meant just to visit all popular places all people who book for the tour would be accompanied with a tour guide who can literate all history of places in the English language that too for free of cost.

Free walking tour in Milan:

free walking tour Milan

The trip starts from city center people who are booked for the tour should reach the place at the scheduled time. The tour starts from place piazza Del Duomo which is located in the heart of Lombardy capital. Starting from the city center the free Milan walking tour covers the rest of places where people can explore all historic quarters of Milan. The tour continues and reaches basilica of San Nazaro which is in Barolo and in addition the trip is arranged in the ancient route which connects Milan and Rome. There are further spots connected in the tour which is listed below.

  • In this free walking tour, you can see important educational institutions of Italy such as the Statale University of Milan. The most interesting factor about this institution is it is the first university opened in the country and 7th university in Europe. The tour guide explains clearly about the famous personalities who pursued their education there and the interesting past about the institution.
  • Within the next ten minutes, the next spot in the tour is Milan cathedral – standing piazza where people can admire excellent Italian majestic Duomo this explains renovation activities of the country.
  • As a next step in the tour is galleria Vittorio Emanuele II it is the oldest architectural shopping mall which is still in active where one can explore all historical items as a memorable
  • Further on walking, people can reach Piazza della scale where one can find the famous iconic opera house. The opera house is famous for numerous world artists and remains to be leading opera theatre.
  • Next, to opera hall, people reach to piazza mdegli affair which act as the business hub of the city and it also acts as headquarters for Italian stock exchange.

In the final stop, people can discover the financial significance of Milan although the free walking tour Milan is free and once the tour is finished people can pay the tour guide as per their satisfaction. The total duration of the trip is three and a half hours mostly the free walking Milan tours are booked during country public holidays.