Smart and More Options for Online Medicine Purchase

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Is there a specific regulation? Is it cheaper to buy online? Is there a prescription to buy online? The answers are below. When it comes to buy oxycodone online usa the options are perfect now.

How do online pharmacies work?

Pharmacies are flourishing on the Web but should we trust all these sites? Buying pharmaceuticals, whether in pharmacies or on the Internet, is never an innocuous act. Before buying from an Internet pharmacy, the user must ensure that the site is authorized to sell drugs online. There is a list of sites to download on the site of the order of pharmacists in which you have access to the addresses of Internet sites, the name of the pharmacy as well as personal and geographical indications. Other criteria allow knowing if the online pharmacy is an authorized site:

  • Logo of the Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM)
  • Logo of the National Order of Pharmacists
  • Lodge of the regional health agency (ARS)
  • European common logo

The mandatory logos for online pharmacies are a guarantee of quality and safety. These indicators are mandatory and essential to reassure buyers about the safety of online medicines avoid counterfeit medicines, for example.

French pharmacists possessing a physical pharmacy can sell medicines on the internal market on the agreement of the regional health agency and after a declaration to the order of pharmacists. This activity is framed by the public health code. Only drugs not subject to the mandatory prescription i.e. non-prescription drugs can be sold online. In other words, drugs that require a prescription from a doctor cannot be sold on the Internet.

One can thus find many non-prescription drugs: Doliprane (Sanofi), Advil (Pfizer), Rubozinc (Labcatal), etc as well as Para pharmacy products

No prescription medication but

As you can see, you cannot buy prescription drugs online. But some official online pharmacy websites have developed the click and collect principle allowing the consumer to scan his prescription and send it to the pharmacy of his choice. The patient then moves to the selected pharmacy with the original prescription and may withdraw his prescription treatment.

Is it cheaper to buy drugs at an online pharmacy?

Originally, the promise was to access cheaper products than a pharmacy. Which does not mean much since on these drugs each pharmacy sets its own rates?

But comparators of online pharmacies have emerged, allowing you to know in one click what drugs or drugstore is cheaper.

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What are the benefits of buying through an online pharmacy?

Once all the precautions are taken to buy drugs online, you can order this type of product with your eyes closed. You will see, there are many advantages to buying drugs via the Internet:

Online pharmacies make up for medical deserts. These are geographical areas without health professionals’ doctors or pharmacists, including some rural areas. The people living in these desert areas can then practice self-medication by buying their medicines on the Internet.

The products are generally cheaper than in a physical pharmacy however, make a comparison. A website is open 24 hours a day. An online pharmacy makes it easy to find the product you need and possibly compare with equivalent products. In the event of a medication recall which can happen, it is very easy and quick to warn consumers who have provided their personal data.