The best way to teambuilding-the virtual amazing race

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Travel virtually to unique cities, 7 wonders of the world, experience the culture of many countries, and be a part of the great virtual adventure with Team Building’s Virtual Amazing Race Challenge. Race with other players as a team and be the first team to find the lost treasure by solving tricky and mind-twisting challenges and puzzles. All the clues, help, and instructions are all accessed virtually. With a starting clue in hand, we can decode the place using our creativity. Once we have figured out the exact location, we will be given a code to unlock the puzzles with our team. All the members of the team will actively communicate with each other to solve the challenges.

Amazing Race Singapore

Hurry up, the time is going and the treasure is waiting for us, participate in this fun and exciting virtual amazing race challenge and get experience a memorable event facilitated by our engaging Team members. Jambar is the virtually Amazing Race Singapore company that organizing virtual amazing races 100% virtually. This is the game that focuses on strategy, planning, and teamwork, it is uniquely designed to connect all the participants in the team. A wonderful way to get together and understand each other and knows our strengths. It is great and fun, enjoy a mix of mental, and physical activities. Bond with our teammates in a 100% virtual environment platform. It actually can be played in 75 – 90 min of duration. It required the platforms of Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and the group size should be 10 to 200 members per team.

Virtual amazing race with Singapore’s Gambar:

At Jambar Team Building, they organize customized and innovative virtual team-building challenges for both corporate and private clients. The team-building challenges and team development programs that they design and offer are based on the concept of fun and cooperation. These are the best components to opening doors of positive energy and creative changes in any organization. Their company can easily learn and practice that how to work together more effectively by engaging with team members for team-building challenges. They have many ideas, games, challenges, puzzles, and innovative event solutions. Whether we require a full day’s team building challenge activity, or a half-day excursion, or simply just a couple of hours of fun, they offer a wide range of plans and activities to fulfil our requirements.

Jambar’s exclusive team-building challenges have been designed & developed by our house team with a focus on increasing your virtual experience. All the puzzles and challenges have a duration of 60min to 2hrs. No matter which challenge we select, we are guaranteed to have very fun and takeaway a fantastic experience at the end of the game. Top 100 companies in the world like Google trust us with their employee’s virtual team-building activities. Their corporate team-building programs have already proven to boost efficiency and produce positive results enabling the success path. Virtual Team Building requires a special focus on how the objective to be delivered, they specialize in customizing our events and programs to incorporate our objectives and deliver us successfully to our team. 9.02/10 is their team build ratings, 9.06/10 is the facilitator ratings. And 9.22/10 is the overall rating, so jammer is one of the best virtual amazing race organizing companies in Singapore.