What is the actual work that the tree surgeons do?

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Whether you’re wanting to enhance the planning of your trees or to form a locality of your land additional safe, create Benchmark Tree Services your selection of Tree Surgeons Essex . whether or not it’s a touch of pruning or a significant tree felling exercise, we have the tools and skills to be ready to get the duty done at a time to suit you best. Our quotations square measure freed from charge, why not fire one today?


Crown lifting is just removing branches from the lower a part of your trees. If you have got trees that have low hanging branches, then crown lifting is that the service of selection for you. Crown lifting will specifically, increase the number of sunshine that meets the bottom space. Crown lifting could be an uncomplicated method that Benchmark Tree Services square measure extremely knowledgeable about in, and have raised the crowns of trees for each domestic and industrial customers over the years.

Tree Surgeons Essex


Do you have trees that square measure hanging on the point of a building and square measure involved that it may doubtless cause damage? there’s no got to slow down the complete tree itself, we are able to merely slow down the a part of the tree that hangs nighest to the structure you’re making an attempt to safeguard. this manner you get to stay your stunning trees however conjointly defend your assets. Our expertise during this service is large, having completed works on each residential and industrial, generally even industrial scenario’s. place Benchmark Tree Services to the check


Crown reduction may mean either reducing the peak, or the unfold of the crown itself. the most important good thing about crown reduction is increasing the number of sunshine that a tree may doubtless be block from what’s below it. will your garden have a shaded space that desires additional light? Or square measure you just wanting to enhance the planning of a specific tree.Preventative tree care is usually the simplest strategy.


You might would like a tree, or a gaggle of trees to be surveyed for one in every of several reasons. maybe you’re coming up with a house development project or got to make sure the protection of a specific tree. There square measure several reasons why, however you’ll be able to rest assured that Benchmark Tree Services have administered all of the various forms of surveys at some purpose. we’ve been taught not simply by householders, however conjointly businesses and councils to assist with their tree measurement desires.

We will give you with a comprehensive report, advising you of this state of the tree or trees in question, serving to you perceive the case to the simplest of our data. Contact a member of our team nowadays to speak to USA regarding the sort of survey that you just would like.


An air spade could be a remarkably great tool for root investigation and excavation. The air spading method fires pressurized air at 1500 mph, displacing soil whereas avoiding injury to roots or services like pipes. this enables the roots and services to be exposed and examined, all while not the troubles caused by standard excavation. The consultants at Benchmark Tree Services use air spading for tree root investigation.

Air spades also are terribly moveable. If the realm that you just would like excavating is difficult to achieve, if your garden is merely accessible through your house as an example, then transferral in giant machinery might not be potential. The air spade could be a hand-held tool that solely desires somewhere for its hose to travel, therefore it are often employed in even the toughest to achieve places. Air spades square measure equally helpful for each back gardens and construction sites. Benchmark Tree Services air spade operatives square measure even as versatile, with all the coaching and skill to perform excavations for all the world from tree root examination to revealing water pipes for replacement.