Your Chances Choosing A Data And Information Recovery Company

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If you are trying to recover audio files, let’s say a collection of MP3 music, it is likely that this collection can be obtained at a lower cost than the price of recovering the damaged disc. Collections of images or movies that can be downloaded from the internet also fall into this category.

If it is a possible file to recreate, but the cost is very high in time or money, for example, a thesis, interviews, plans or a photo shoot, it will usually be better to try to recover the disk. If you look for data recovery services near me search, then the options would be there.

If it is an impossible file to recreate, it will be necessary to evaluate if the price of the recovery is less than the value of those files. Examples of this are old family photographs or recordings of a deceased person.

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When evaluating the situation of the disc, we can know if it is worth it or not to take it to a specialized data recovery center. It is very important to report the details of the problem: when and how the disk failed, what procedure did you try to recover the information (if there was one), how much time has passed since the problem was detected until you removed the disk, etc. These data, which may seem irrelevant, are essential for the technical team to determine the type and level of damage and the best procedure to follow.

  • The most common is that these services charge based on two factors: the first is the difficulty of recovering the data. The worse the scenario is, the more hours an expert technician will require, and it will be more expensive. A RAID array with multiple devices, a very old hard drive or major physical damage complicates things.
  • The second element to consider is the amount of recoverable information. The most common is to charge per gigabyte of recovered information. However, with rare exceptions you should always pay for the total of recoverable files, it is not possible to “choose” only that one or those that interest us.

The Experience for You

Before leaving the disk with a technician, it is very important to ensure that you have experience in the problem that affects our device (many supposed experts are limited to running some commercial data recovery software, a solution that does not work if the disk has a damage serious physical), know exactly their collection policy (so there is no surprise afterward), and if applicable, their policy of confidentiality of data, to avoid leaks of private information of the person or company that hires them.

At first glance, most data and information recovery companies seem to offer the same level of services and security. Although many claims to have all the capabilities of a professional data and information retrieval service , with further examination, most fall short.

Authorization of the manufacturer of hard drives and / or storage devices

If a recovery service meets your criteria, technology manufacturers will authorize a data recovery company to open and work on their devices without voiding the original warranty.

ISO 5 Certificate for clean rooms

There is a big difference between ISO 9001 and the certification of ISO 14644-1. We have Partners who enjoy the advantage of having the only certification in the world for recovery in the world with an ISO 5 (Class 100) clean room that has been audited and certified to comply with ISO 14644-1 standards.