House Renovation in the Best Choices for You

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In this case, do not rush or think of cutting the project into several parts. Starting with an extension or an improvement to a property that has already been made habitable and where you have lived for a few months may allow you to have better ideas for the rest of the work. In any case, try to avoid having to live in your apartment or house still under construction: it is the best way to disgust you forever and to make bad choices under stress. With rénovation maison you can find the best deals.

Be wary of overly complex projects

For Alexandra, home catcher five types of work must be feared and well-studied before you start because they are often sources of cost or budget deviations. They concern both houses and apartments:

Flee the roof: If it is to be redone in the property to buy, be aware that it involves long and expensive work.

Pay close attention to humidity: In some cases, it can be drained but if it comes from a basement or near the Seine, Flee. The problem may never be resolved.

Check the condition of the structure, the cause and correctly assess the risk: There are quarries in Paris and its surroundings and they can cause damage to property. An architect is able to realize this and judge the severity of a crack, for example.

Check the wastewater evacuation: The evacuation of “black water”, for example, can completely jeopardize your project. This refers to sanitary facilities, if in your redevelopment project you cannot connect them to the evacuation, you will be blocked.

Do not underestimate the risks with co-ownership, notably legal: Check the titles so as not to buy a lot comprising an illegal common part or an undeclared extension. As part of work in a condominium, take advantage of the Annual General Meeting to validate your project. Please note the annexation of the common part may lead to jealousy and co-owners may unexpectedly require financial compensation.

Conversely, prefer simpler jobs if you don’t want to take a break or sleep at night. This mainly concerns plumbing, heating, gas or electricity. Even if they can be expensive, if you hire good professionals, you will go all the way without worry. In any case, do not try to save on these items except the ranges of equipment unless you are very experienced and check all warranty issues in all cases.

Professionals are used to this kind of work even in the oldest buildings. However, beware of the age of your installation, the older it is, the more time and money it will need to be replaced.

Target certain types of the property carefully

rénovation maison

To be effective in a research project with work, the first orient yourself towards types of property that may have interesting renovation opportunities.

The top floor apartments

A top-floor property can ideally include convertible attic space or even be sold in the form of a “Maid’s Room” lot. Often, however, the maids’ rooms are separated between them by common areas, but if you manage to unite the entire top floor, you will have great freedom of development. It has always been a good plan, it remains so, but it is difficult to find and in great demand. The 16th arrondissement remains an interesting district for this type of property.