Various parking used often to the park

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From the different types of parking methods like parallel, perpendicular, and angular each one of these is chosen by the drivers from where they have the wish and talent to park. Parking spaces are important in all the areas where the vehicles are more and the crowd is more because not only in our country, most people prefer cars over bikes for traveling and to go shopping. Parallel parking has some specific choices, in this parking, everything is arranged in a line which connects the front bumper of the one car to the adjacent car. This type of parking is often preferred under the street areas where there is no space to park a car. So parallel parking does not require more space like the others. Parking lots and well-structured parking often go for the parallel parking and one of the clearest parking is this parallel parking.

Perpendicular type of parking method

Parking spaces

Bay parking is another name of perpendicular parking, in this parking, cars are parked side to side which is perpendicular to the curb, walls, or anywhere where the car is being parked. Two rows of parking are often placed front to front, pull through is one of the techniques to take out the cars from the parking zone because when there is no car in the other space then the driver can drive the car from one space to connecting space, this is to avoid the reverse movement of the vehicle. A single row of center parking is used sometimes on the streets. This is also one of the methods used to avoid the reverse of vehicles. According to the situation, all these parkings are allowed by the private organization or by the government management which is decided by the landowners.

Angular type of parking method

Like the bay parking, there is another name for angular parking which is denoted as echelon parking. This is often used in Britain’s angular parking is similar to that of the perpendicular parking. But the main difference used here is that the cars are not perpendicular to the curb or the walls, etc, here all of them are arranged with some angle. The angle is the gentler way of turning the vehicle from the running road into the parking lot. Drivers can park the car at the speed of their turn time and can also reduce it when using this way of parking. More cars can park than the perpendicular parking. All this parking is designed in the term of head-in configurations; sometimes back-in configurations are also used depending upon the roadway. Hills or low traffic areas use this back-in method of parking. Angular parking looks like a risky one for the cyclist because when the cars returning from the slot have the chance to hit the cyclists, they are all out of vision from the drivers which is a blind spot. Longer vehicles cannot see the road behind them so have more chance only to hit the two-wheelers because they are arriving very fast than the four-wheelers. Safety measures are not allowed for the back-in parking facilities.