Why your business needs a pest control contract

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Today, most business owners have some kind of error-checking contract. Any business owner who has had an pest problem knows the detrimental effect that insects, such as rodents, mice, cockroaches, etc., can have on their condition. However, with a tight parasite-proof deal from Essex, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected 365 days a year.

Pest Control Essex

It’s not just about safeguarding your position.

A Pest Control Essex agreement ensures that your business remains consistent with all health and safety guidelines relating to disorders. Narrow specialists can maintain a transient conclusion in case a company is found to have extreme penetration. Could your business ever recover from this? An error-checking contract consists of routine, enabling investigations

of our experts to distinguish and eliminate bothersome movements before penetration occurs. Many types of annoyances can generate massive invasions in an extremely short period. Our purpose is to ensure that your business complies with current pest control regulations and recommended prescribed procedures. In each visit, we will apply the appropriate pesticides and control devices necessary to treat and control the penetration required in the service contract. Our clients will be aware of the subtleties of the attempted work, and of all the discoveries and proposals that may arise from our examination.

Protect your business from parasites

 Most organizations are legally obligated to ensure that the premises are free from pests and the best way to do this is to have a standard arrangement. Getting a pest contract from a certified and protected ailment control organization will give your facility comfort, staff and notoriety will be protected from mistakes.

Ben’s Bugs will go on-site for a free site review, investigate any recent concerns you have and make a statement regarding your business needs.

The law also requires landowners to ensure their premises remain hassle-free: the Pest Damage Control Act of 1949 and the Food Safety Act and Food Hygiene Regulations incorporate additional regulations for organizations that handle food.

 What you can expect from us

Ben’s Bugs will cover the pests that pose the greatest danger to the company. The agreement and the quote will have a duration of 1 year and will be priced appropriately. We will put traps, plates and testing equipment to detect all degrees of infestation. The number of visits remembered for the agreement will depend on the level of penetration and this will be allowed at the time of signing the agreement. We will incorporate calls within 10 hours for incidents covered by the contract and go within a similar time frame for any errors that are not covered by the contract, however, a limited handling fee will apply. We will present a full report detailing the results at each visit and detailing all the insecticides and rodenticides used. Types of commercial properties we cover

  • Cafes, Bars and Pubs
  • office space
  • Inns and B & Bs
  • Processing plants / Warehouses
  • garden centres
  • Beauty salons, hairdressers and gyms
  • Comfort, Food and Supermarkets
  • Commercial pest control

We can offer a variety of business bug control administrations throughout Chelmsford and

Essex, including multi-site arrangements and regular counter and support visits.

Before starting any treatment or treatment, we will first take a non-binding overview to decide

the idea of ​​probable problems and suggest treatments and countermeasures.