Greater Perfections in Real estate Opions

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Experts also highlight that for this to be possible, you must have all your documentation in order, as it is something that will be more than required at the time of sale. This is the Comment développer son patrimoine . In addition, properties that are undocumented are worthless. To get a sense, check out the list of documents required for when the property is used:

Property registration, which is the document to verify all its history, discharge and if there is a threat of alienation.

  • Negative certificate of civil and criminal action by the seller and his spouse.
  • The negative certificate of real estate taxes showing that the taxes were paid, especially the property tax.
  • Negative certificate of debts with the condominium.
  • Negative certificate of public utility of the property, to avoid surprise expropriation, for example.
  • Purchase and sale agreement.
  • Finally, registration with the real estate office in relation to the purchase contract.

For the new property, here is the list of documents that are required:

  • Descriptive memorial, which is a document that gathers all the information about the construction.
  • Condominium convention.
  • Negative certificate of debts with the condominium.

Possibility of being a guarantee for the purchase of another good

Comment développer son patrimoine

As mentioned, even if you do not want to sell your property, it is important to evaluate it for security and security. There is yet another advantage that few people know exists: the possibility of using it as a guarantee in making funds. Keep in mind that relying on an accurate and accurate appraisal of the value of your property enables it to provide collateral for any economic transaction you may want to make buying another property, financing, negotiating with financial institutions, and so on.

It is therefore important to know how to evaluate your property and have all the data you need to use it to your advantage and benefit your pocket. With a good valuation at your disposal, your intention to buy another good will be much more credible. This is because its possibilities to negotiate with banks and other financial institutions become more open and tangible, facilitating this process, as well as providing additional security for the moment of the negotiation itself.

Improved financial planning

Another important point is the financial health of your finances and you’re planning accordingly. Knowing all the assets, their values, implications, costs and other aspects is fundamental to better understand how this aspect of your life goes. Your financial planning, when viewed over the long term, should take all of these into account so that your goals can be met in a healthy way to the best of your ability.

Just as it is important to record and analyze your monthly expenses and income so that you never get out of control in situations of economic unpredictability, it is also essential to know accurately all the information related to your property valuation process.

So, even if you’re not interested in selling it now, you can simulate future market value projections by looking at the best time for a trade, which aspects are interfering with your finances at the time, and so on. All of these plans are only possible if the values ​​you have are correct and according to a real estate valuation that is real and accurate.