The Best that You Can Do With the Bread Slicing

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So that fresh bread under the knife does not fall apart, and its slices remain even, you just need to lower the knife in boiling water for two minutes. Then wipe with a towel and cut. You can make use of the Brotschneidemaschine Testportal in this case now.

Understand the truth

You must understand that bread should be present on any table. It is very important to be able to cut it correctly. When it is very fresh, it is quite difficult to do. But you simply have to learn how to cut correctly, as bread decorates the table at any event or celebration.

Old Rules

Earlier, when the bread had a large round shape and was called a loaf, women cut it, applying it to an apron, and men completely cut it by weight. Nowadays it is rarely possible to find bread of this shape, so the details of cutting such bread are not useful to you. Moreover, cutting such bread, applying to the chest, is considered wrong, according to today’s etiquette.

Art of Cutting

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To understand how beautifully cut bread you will definitely need a board. It is advisable to purchase a special board designed specifically for slicing bread. Gently cut the bread into pieces, gradually moving the loaf to the width of the cut piece. Make sure all bread slices are the same thickness.

Choosing a Knife

You also need to purchase a knife designed specifically for slicing bread. They are present in virtually every set of knives. Also, a bread knife can be purchased separately. They are sold in all stores on this subject. It differs from the usual blade, at the end of which there are many triangular teeth. A bread knife is somewhat reminiscent of a saw.

Shape of the blade

The blade should be long. So you can cut bread of any thickness and shape. If you have the opportunity, then, of course, you can purchase a bread slicer. Now they are used not only in catering, but also at home. With their help you will see how beautifully sliced ​​bread. They can be intended only for slicing different products or only for bread.

Cut the Bread

You can first divide the loaf into two parts parallel or perpendicular to the base, and then proceed to the usual slicing. You can also cut the bread diagonally, and then the pieces will be triangular in shape. An oval loaf should not be cut in half. Oval slices of bread look so good when sliced. The thickness of the slices may be different. Usually the thickness of the pieces is about 1 cm.

Thickness of the size

It is also the ideal thickness for putting slices of bread into the toaster. If it is customary to cut bread thickly in the house, then do not avoid these traditions. The thickness of the bread should be convenient for your family, because it is for you to eat it. Especially thickly sliced ​​bread is considered a sign of generosity. Thinly bread should be cut only for sandwiches. Here thickly sliced ​​pieces will certainly not be appropriate.